Transformational Vision Board Kit

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A complete kit with all you need to start a new and fulfilled life.

The Transformational Vision Board Kit Includes:

  • Guided Self-Discovery Journey – The Vision Board Step-by-Step Guide Book written by a Certified Transformational Coach is rich with self-development content and “Self-Coaching” questions to help you find the vision that truly matters for YOU.
  • 4 High-Quality Cork Boards – Made in Portugal, these sustainable Cork boards are an inspirational and beautiful piece of decoration. One for each area of life – Romantic Relationships, Self, Career, and Family & Friends, they are designed to be easy to hang on your wall and versatile.
  • 30 wooden pins – So that you can immediately take advantage of the power of visualization.


Transforming your life was never this easy!

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The Transformational Vision board Kit transforms your life in 3 easy steps.

Vision Board Step-by-Step Guide book

1. Follow the Guide authored by a Certified Coach

To begin with, the Transformational Vision Board Kit includes a Step-by-Step Guide Book. The book is divided into 4 parts: Self, Romantic Relationships, Career, and Family & Friends. It will take you through a self-discovery journey by answering self-coaching questions. Equally important, is the Bonus Section which includes self-development insights and exercises. Hence, you can learn new tools and perspectives.

 Collecting images in the cork boards, a fun and creative activity.


2. Your Vision into the boards

Now that you have clarity on what is it that you truly want for your life, find pictures and/or objects that represent that vision and pin them to the board. You can find the images in old magazines, newspapers, or by simply printing them from the internet. Pin them to the corresponding boards. This is a super fun and creative way to spend time while working towards a joyful life.

The Power of Visualization and how it transforms your life

3. Hang the boards and discover the power of visualization!

The boards are lightweight and easy to mount with double-sided tape. No nails are required. Choose a strategic location,  but also be creative, and place the boards in a group or a line, or in various rooms. The vital thing is to see them daily in order to help reprogram your brain to prioritize what matters. Consequently, you’ll be more open to opportunities and motivated to work towards your goals.


“Having a vision for your life allows you to live out of hope, rather than out of your fears.” Stedman Graham


What is the Transformational Vision Board Kit? 

Vision Board Step-by-Step Guide into the life you desire

The Transformational Vision Board Kit is more than a simple tool kit to create a Vision Board. In fact, it is a starting point for a self-discovery journey to a fulfilled and joyful life. It includes the Vision Board Step-by-Step Guide Book, 4 High-quality cork boards, and 3o pins.

But what makes it Transformational?

Creating a Vision Board is transformative, but the Transformational Vision Board Kit offers more. It includes a Step-by-Step Guide book, with self-coaching questions and Self-development tools. Authored by a certified coach, this book helps you discover yourself, your needs, and your true desires. As a result, it gives you clarity on the future path you truly desire.

Why should one have a Vision Board?

First, it eliminates feelings of being lost, disengaged, unfulfilled, or uncertain. Second, visualization helps reprogram your subconscious mind to focus on goals and attract opportunities. In short, Vision Boards are, undeniably, powerful tools that turn dreams into plans. For further information on Vision Boards, read our blog post “Why a Vision Board?”

The Transformational Vision Board Kit Product details:

Vision Board Step-by-Step Guide Book is also available for purchase separately or alternatively as an e-book.

Our vision board uses sustainable materials such as Portuguese cork with an inside layer made from chemical-free organic cotton.  Furthermore, our partner in Portugal provides employment opportunities for people with limited professional education and supports the local community through long-lasting relationships. Each board size is 20cmx20cm with about 4cm thickness.

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    The Vision Board Kit brought more clarity into my life in the easiest way possible. It made it very easy to move forward with my life. The next step is to go further with a coach. I want really to understand more about myself and I want to go deeper into the relationship with my wife and my career. Thank you so much

  2. L

    Wow. These questions are mind-blowing, lots of them I never asked myself before. I appreciate the structured way of guiding me through all parts of my life.

    I have much more clarity now and thanks to the beautiful cork boards I can see where I want to go. These reminders are so important!

    Thank you!

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