Vision Board Step-by-Step Guide E-Book

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  • Self-Choaching Questions and Self-Development exercises written by a Certified Transformational Coach: Guided self-discovery journey with effective but easy tools.
  • Set personalized goals that work for YOU: Our guide helps you discover what you really want out of life and create goals that align with your values and aspirations.
  • An easy and fun way to learn: about yourself and self-development.
  • Transform your life with the power of visualization: reprogram your brain to focus on what’s important.
  • Feel more engaged, fulfilled, and with purpose: By discovering your true goals, you won’t feel lost and unfulfilled any longer.
  • Begin instantly from your smartphone: Downloadable E-book in your inbox. No need to wait for shipping, you can upgrade your life now.


What is the Vision Board Step-by-Step Guide E-Book?

The Vision Board Step-by-Step Guide E-Book is a powerful self-development tool to help you find clarity in life, focus on goals and have the mindset to achieve them.

More specifically, this E-book is divided into 4 parts:  Self, Romantic Relationships, Career, and Family  & Friends. For each of the 4 areas of life, you will find a series of questions and exercises. Through them, you will take a deeper look within yourself and understand with clarity and ease what is the destination that YOU want to guide your life to.Vision Board Example

Plus a Bonus section with fun and insightful self-development content! 

Equally important is the Bonus section, where we offer a series of self-development insights from renowned Phycologists, Coaches, and Researchers. With them, you will learn more about yourself, and new perspectives, and as a result, shift your mindset. 

Finally, once through all 5 parts, all you need to do is find pictures that are representative of your goals, and pin them on a board. (If you don’t have a board consider purchasing the Vision Board Kit instead).


Happy and fulfilled woman

Why should you have a Vision Board?

No more feeling lost, disengaged, unfulfilled, or unsure of your path.  The act of visualizing your goals on a regular basis helps to reprogram your subconscious mind. In fact, by focusing on your goals, you are more receptive to opportunities and possibilities that align with your desires. In short, it’s a powerful tool to turn your dreams into plans. With the help of this E-book, you will easily discover what those desires truly are. To learn more about Vision Boards and their effectiveness, visit our blog post “Why a Vision Board?”

Why do you need the Self-Love Harbour Vision Board Guide E-Book?

Without a doubt, you can easily create a Vision Board on your own! Yet, for a Vision Board to be truly effective it is more than pining pretty pictures on a board. On the contrary, the pictures pinned to your Vision Board should be a true reflection of your inner world. That is where the Vision Board Guide E-book plays a significant role. Through the guidance that this E-book provides, you will actively engage in a process of self-discovery. Consequently, it will help you identify your values, where you stand in life, and what truly matters to you. 


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