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“Personal growth leads to a deeper connection with oneself and as a result, to others. Therefore, we believe it is the most significant form of self-love. Furthermore, we see life as a journey, where we are like boats in an immense, unknown ocean. That is why we named it Self-Love Harbour. And although we can’t control the waters or winds, we can master sailing to make the trip more enjoyable. That is precisely what we are here for. Sometimes, we need to stop at a safe harbour to rest, explore, and rethink our direction. Our Harbour offers everything you need to master the art of sailing and self-love. It’s the safe stop to find guidance, gain skills, and knowledge for a fulfilling journey.”
Self-Love Harbour Founder

Our Story

Diana and Christian share a passion for helping others grow. When they decided to start their own business, they started brainstorming ideas by asking themselves important questions, similar to the exercises in our Vision Board Guide. Through this process, they realized that self-love and real connections are challenging to develop, and there are no „one-stop shops“ for finding the best personal growth tools. With an overwhelming amount of information available these days, it can be difficult to know where to begin a personal growth journey, which tools to use, or who to follow. Hence, they came up with the idea of Self-Love Harbour.

Self-love Harbour is a safe space in which you can find all the tools needed for personal growth journey, with guidance and ease.

Self-Love Harbour originated in Hamburg, Germany in November 2021. The first product we launched was the Transformational Vision Board Kit , undeniably, an excellent starting point for personal growth. In brief, the Kit helps people find clarity on their goals in life. Next, we started adding the tools needed to navigate life towards that Vision.

Self-Love Harbour's mission is...

To support individuals in their personal growth journey to a fulfilled and joyful life, by providing them with meaningful and transformational products and coaching services.

And is our vision to...

Be the leading provider of personal growth products and services, creating a global community where individuals feel safe and supported in their journey towards self-love and fulfillment.

Come on board and join us on this journey to true happiness and fulfillment.

Fun fact, Self-Love Harbour was born from a vision board!

Diana and Christian envisioned a life dedicated to helping others in their personal growth journey and consequently created the vision of what Self-Love Harbour would be. Then, they pinned that vision on a board and started working towards it. In fact, the Vision Board was crucial in the making of the business as by keeping it present, they stayed motivated and focused on their goal. And today, here we are.

Self-Love Harbour First Vision Board prototype

About the Self-Love Harbour Founders

CEO and Co-Founder

Diana, also known as Diana the Zurafa, started her self-development journey in 2015 after attending a life-changing seminar. Through her own experiences, she realized that sharing her journey could help others. In 2020, after losing her job due to the pandemic, she decided to professionalize her skills and became a Life Coach. It was then that she met Christian, who shared her passion for helping others. Together, they created Self-Love Harbour.

COO and Co-Founder

Christian Pereira Piechoczek, also known as The Kind Shepherd, is an experienced business leader and social entrepreneur. He believes in the importance of relationships in organizations. In his first entrepreneurial experience, he helped create new life perspectives for people in Eastern Africa by locally producing ethical shirts. As the COO of several medium-sized companies, he continued implementing his visionary and inspiring leadership approach based on emotional intelligence and embracing diversity. Christian’s desire to make a positive impact and support others is what led him to Self-Love Harbour.

Together, Christian and Diana are committed to their own self-development while supporting others in theirs.

The founders Diana and Christian


We are passionated about Personal Growth and we love what we do. Our purpose is to support you to make Personal Growth simple. Find all you need for deeper self-love!


We take our mission serious and can assure you that you will get high-quality and professional support. Our self-coaching und self-development content is developed by certified Coaches.


Vulnerability is essential for personal growth and therefore we created with Self-Love Harbour the right place for you and your journey. If you need more support, we are here for you!

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