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We all have the need for connection. A fun way to change that is to play! Life Coach Georgia Grainger created The Dare To Be Curious Game. Play it in groups or pairs. The game consists of three level and will spark conversations about values, life, fears and dreams.

What you will get:

  • 150 cards with reflective and inspiring questions.
  • Level One “Dare To Be Curious” is a warm-up with questions about life events, sex (you can remove these questions easily due to their marking) and relationships.
  • Level Two “Dare To Be Wrong” stimulates creativity because your fellow players have to guess the right answer. You will see yourself through others’ eyes.
  • Level Three “Dare To Be Vulnerable” goes deeper and guide you through talking about beliefs, pattern or dreams.
  • Learn more about yourself and others.
  • Build deeper relationships.
  • A beautiful and aesthetic pastel box.

We recommend it for players over 18 only due to adult themes!

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The Dare to Be Curious Card Game helps you to create deeper relationships!

Be Curious for better connection

The Dare to Be Curious Card Game is designed to play in pairs or groups of up to 6 people. The game contains adult themes, therefore we recommend players be a minimum of 18 years old. It was passionately designed by Life Coach Georgia Grainger to support you in building more connections with others. The 150 cards are organized into the following levels:

1. Level One “Dare To Be Curious”

Opening up is a process. Taking that into consideration the game starts with a warm-up. The first questions handle significant life events, sex, and relationships. Do not worry, you can easily identify the sexual questions and remove them when you do not feel comfortable (yet) sharing this with your group. This Card Game Level One is a great opener to getting to know each other better!

Have fun whilst opening up


2. Level Two: “Dare To Be Wrong”

After you got to know the other(s) it is time to add some imagination and speculation. In the next stage of this Card Game, you will have the question and the others will share what they believe is the answer. We are sure there will be lots of laughter and fun. Furthermore, you get the opportunity to find out how others perceive you. This can be a great mirror of your impression of others. Whilst having a conversation around it you will build a deeper connection.

The Dare To Be Curious Game comes in a beautiful box

3. Level Three “Dare To Be Vulnerable”

The first two levels will create some comfort and trust in the card game. Level Three of the Dare To Be Curious Game is therefore diving deeper into beliefs, patterns, and dreams. Vulnerability is the magic ingredient of relationships and latest this level will provide the foundation of a more meaningful relationship.


“Relationships give us purpose and meaning, they bring us challenge and are one of the greatest opportunities for growth. It’s my personal belief that the quality of our relationships reflects the quality of our life.” -Georgia Grainger


Can a card game lead to a better connection?

In the last years, more and more studies are made on why people feel on the same “wavelength”. Indeed scientists are measuring brainwaves during social interactions. There are the first studies that conclude that one can feel closer to another person during a shared activity.

Why should I play “Dare to be Curious” card game?

Meaningful relationships are the spice of life. Yet sometimes we cannot open up easily and struggle to build deep connections with others. The game will lead you through three different levels which will help you and others to open up.

Who is behind the Dare to be Curious Card Game? 

The Dare To Be Curious Card Game isis developed by the brand Kindred People from Berlin. The founder is Australia-born life coach Georgia Grainger who has a long history with and passion for personal growth.

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    Quick delivery 🙂

  2. A

    I love that game. Especially the second level. But it is awesome how you can learn more about the others and finally feel more connection

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