Diana The Zurafa

About Me

Hi! You know me as Diana the Zurafa author of our Vision Board Step-by-step Guide book but my name is actually Diana Pereira Piechoczek. My self-development journey started in 2015 when I first joined a Transformational Seminar. Later, in 2020 I started a Certification in Transformational Coaching at Animas, a school accredited by the ICF (International Coaching Federation). My motivation was to gain skills and tools that combined with my own experiences would help you in your personal growth.

Coach Diana The Zurafa

What I can help you with

My qualitifications allow me to work in all areas, however, these are the topics I can be the most helpful to you: 

Self-Love & Self-Esteem



Fitness & Health

Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

My Strong Suit

Kindness. In my coaching experience, I’ve learned that my strong suit is to provide you with the space you need to reflect upon yourself out loud, judgment-free. Guide you through your discoveries with kindness and help you be kind to yourself too.

My Qualification

My Passion

To support people to really and deeply find self-love! Diana the Zurafa stands for kindness and perspective change. Together we can work on your self-confidence, healing, and building a fulfilled future. Watch the video below if you’d like to learn more about me and how I can help you in your journey. ,

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